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SunBijoux has the honor in the Vogue(30th Anniversary)!!-The September number of Vogue in 2010-


We have obtained the honor of  in Vogue with beautiful pictures and brief introduction !!

As you know, we do business with lots  superior jewelry findings and services for our customer.

Just taste and read the article^^

The article about us says(red underline) :

The East is the jewel’s new boundary with both the brilliant Hong Kong Fair on one side and small emerging markets, as Korea, on the other.

SunBijoux is particularly lively, with its eye to the West, specialising in partly finished and finished products, in a delicate style.

Organic shapes, flowers, leaves, sparrows, sophisticated graphics, evoking the Calder creation, with layers of precious metal that SunBijoux bring to earrings, pendants, necklaces.

From Korea another success:

Monfiore, of Italian production, Designer Livia Balocchi says: <<My contribution is in my long experience as a jewelry designer.

The Monfiore collections alternate gold hues with precious stones.The ‘Earth’ line evokes races and colours while ‘Volant’ the favric-like movement of gold>>.

Two examples that stimulate reflection upon Korea’s role, opening new horizons in business and artistry.

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‘Korean Design project 3

-The rediscovery of the tradition colors by the graduate student in Hong-ik University.-


By Min Ji, Kim(MJ) -Jewelry Designer -

Korean has the tradition color. That is called ‘Obangsaek’ as Blue, Red, Yellow, White and Black. The word covers meanings are to pray for the good fortune and to get rid of bad things. So, the kids wear the striped jacket at national holiday and first birthday. It is not just pretty. This is the sign for the symbol.

In the last two design projects, this meaning was not magnified. Tinting in part, ‘five colors’ invariably came up but, was hidden by the material and form. At this time, has to point out. Because, Korean identity can be exposed by the color, forms and patterns, not only. Wonderful, colorful ‘Obangsaek’ saying in these days, questions have increased -how to do the development of five colors, how to change the original meaning, what will be the next the striped jacket. So this month, threw ’five colors’ theme. Graduate student went in Hong-ik university graduate school of industrial art. The answer was quirky. They had applied to neutral color and created another color story using ‘five colors’. They were dissolved the color in latest trends. So, the pot shaped amulets and the ‘Jokduri’ ornaments such as a bangle were born. The first step was a new tradition.

The decoration of the patchwork shapes decorating with the Hangul -   Jewelry Designer Min ji, Kim (MJ), Sun Bijoux Intl

She has patterned the Hangul itself of five colors. She has got ideas from a variety of design just by the Alphabet. She has made the thin metal surfaces to look classy via plating white gold, yellow gold and black gold. And she also has saved traditional curves as three dimensional to look by bending a plate. The interior was carefully decorated. Feeling like the patchwork of square patterns craved. And then she has craved the blue and red letters in the space. This is needed the point looks a bit gorgeous as much as accessories. She mounted some gems such as simulated Turquoise, Coral, Onyx onto the plate to emphasize ‘five colors’ once more.

Article by – the news paper in Korea.

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