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Why Korean Jewelry Is Popular In China Jewelry Market?



Today, jewelry, long dress from the embellishment of differentiation, and become the fashion in the china market are maturing today, has been elevated to an independent wealth industry; jewelry, is also a flow of culture, through a piece little jewelry, you can see the wearer’s taste and cultural qualities.

According to authorities on the Chinese wholesale jewelry market, a survey of women: female ornaments per capita rate of less than 15%, while Japan was 98.2%, Singapore 48%, Thailand 68%, Malaysia 47%, Korea 68%. With the continuous improvement of our economic level, women must simultaneously rising demand for jewelry. It was forecast to 2008, the per capita rate of female ornaments will be increased to more than 55%, the market potential, most development value.

In the china wholesale jewelry market, in terms of jewelry from the origin on the three major categories, namely domestic, Europe and the United States and South Korea jewelry. Reaction from the market point of view, South Korea seems more accessible to domestic jewelry girls of all ages, many were wearing South Korean jewelry shop signs, its charm is evident.

South Korea’s jewelry is so popular in China wholesale jewelry because of the following:

1: Korean influenced by Chinese culture since ancient times, its aesthetic and consumption habits closest to the Chinese people, so the style of jewelry styles more easily accepted by Chinese people.

2: Korean decoration fashionable, stylish, simple, easy to mix, and consumers Know well.

3: Korean decorative elements of the global epidemic of polymerization, exquisite workmanship, fine materials, unique design, coupled with sophisticated jewelry manufacturing process, carved above ten noble achievements of the Korean jewelry, elegance, suitable for multi-level consumers.

4: South Korea consumer groups decoration will lock in the 18 — 40 years old female, is based on their unique psychological, emotional appeals, consumer behavior and the design of better access to their favor.

5: Korean influence. It can be quickly swept the Korean ornaments in China wholesale jewelry market, Korean contributed, because the Korean audience groups, consumer groups and Korean decorative amazing meet, so the main role of the Korean accessories will no doubt be sought after consumer objects.

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Mens Jewelry in 2010

The most recent trend in men’s jewellery for both bracelets and necklaces is the classic style which is sleek and sophisticated. Men prefer necklaces crafted in solid sterling silver with or without pendants. Men like pendants that are in a shape of a cross. In 2010, chunky sterling silver chain in serpentine or box cut is now on style. For bracelets made in silver with cool and simple designs are on the trend. These do not only look awesome on the neck and wrist but also look good together with clothes.

Knowing Jewelry Trends-Top 3 Factors

Jewelry-How, When, Where and Why Jewelry, as you must have been aware, has been around since the birth of man kind. At first it served a strictly terrifying purpose that is to put pointy objects into your bodies, so that wild animals will thing twice before devouring you. Later, he realized instead of making such small pointy objects, he can make larger longer more lethal weapons of close range combat, and he rounded of the sharp edges of their Tiffany fings.

On seeing their reflection in water, they sort of admired the new way they looked with all the necklaces and earrings, and nose piercing, and immediately attached special cultural importance to the jewels. This is before the advent of precious metals, and man didn’t know which more parts of his body to cover up with jewelry. Then suddenly, one suspecting victim who was shoved into a unimaginably deep hole, bored into the earth, came out with a piece of shining stone, fashioned like a ring. Everyone instantly got amazed, this person had a stone which could sparkle and split the light of that very sun, which they reckoned as the Supreme deity. Instantly replica designer jewelry came to be associated with being the insignia of kingship. This theory was further supported or substantiated by the entire wealth which was found to have entombed with the boy king Tutankhamen. Howard Carter might have brought upon himself an irrevocable curse by opening up the hidden labyrinths of the Valley of Kings, but his digs bear testimony to the jewelry trends of a certain civilization in the history of man.

What are the Jewelry Trends of the Present Era? Read between the lines and you can safely conclude that mankind could never accept a single state of existence as its final one. He always felt the deep and guttural desire to seek out new things, to stand out among the rest, to let the world know its innate ability to not become a part of the pack. Individualism is the other name for rebellion.

And when you rebel against conventions, you first know the conventions to the tee. Nowadays a lot of designers are reinventing the Wholesale replica jewelry  pieces for the Victorian era and from the heydays of the Hollywood classics. The jewelry made famous by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is being made famous by style icons of the 21st century. Body Piercing Body piercing is the current rage when it comes to innovative ways of making you look beautiful. While previously piercing the ear lobe o at most the left nostril was considered mandatory by Indian females, with the renewed interest tribal fashion people are taking to septum and bridge punctures even. Eyebrow and lip piercing has been made famous by metal and punk bands, and navel piercing is a Middle Eastern import.

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Spring Jewelry Trends 2010

ma0300_sAlternative metals, gems and finishes continue strong when it comes to jewelry and fashion accessories, especially as the price of precious metals remains high. Bronze, rose gold, titanium, steel and palladium are just some of the newer materials that jewelry designers are using for a fresh new look, and in many cases they are also a more affordable alternative. Designers like Rebecca mix steel with pink gold on bronze, adding bold synthetic gems for a fresh, high fashion look for a fraction of similar precious metal counterparts.

Natural themes abound in jewelry as the eco-chic trend continues across all facets of the fashion industry. Jewelry designers like Elle and John Hardy look to nature for inspiration, whether in the forests, the ocean, river beds, or among real and mythical animals. Each piece in John Hardy’s “Bamboo Collection” also represents a specific number of new bamboo trees planted by the John Hardy company in the South Pacific region to help replenish oxygen into the earth’s atmosphere.

Older style gemstone cuts are having a resurgence as the “vintage” look is updated completely. Companies like Marco Bicego use very old style briolette and rose-cut colored gemstones in modern gold settings, mixing new and old. These cutting styles originated in the 1500s and yet look fresh and unique in today’s jewelry.

ma0292_sThe wide bracelet and “openwork” trends often overlap with each other. Companies from Kwiat to Elle are designing bracelets that have openwork styles from a modern “grid” to vintage “lace” patterns. Look at the spring awards shows and you will see a number of large statement bracelets that are wide but often have a “light” feel because of their open design. The great part about this trend is that it can be found in sterling silver, bronze and other affordable materials, or in gold and platinum with diamonds for those who want true luxury.

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Earrings in 2010

Large Earrings:
Large earrings are back again by popular demand. This time around, they look very similar to those styles we saw in the 1980s. On-the-ear styles tend to look dated however so designers are adding a little French hook to the tops of buttons and circles to make them modern. Colorful gemstones in rainbow brights are being used, which happen to look beautiful near the face. Other earring styles that will take spring by storm include marquise-shaped “flutter earrings” comprised of multiple layers of metal. Each piece is layered strategically over the next and made to look like bird wings when the wearer moves her head. In fact there is a multitude of earrings formed to look like beautiful creature wings. From birds to butterflies to fairy, wings are a very trendy them for earrings du jour.

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