!!The Types of the tool for making jewelry!!


1.Chain Nose Pliers

Have points with a round outside edge and a flat inside edge.  The flat edge can come with or without teeth and provides a firm grip on wire when bending to different positions. Useful for guiding a needle through a tight spot in your beadwork, and can also be used for opening and closing jump rings and can be used when making wrapped loops. Do not confuse with “needle nose” pliers, needle nose pliers have much longer jaws.

2.Crimping  Pliers

Used for securing crimp tubes. Has two wells – one with a notch for creasing the crimp bead, and a smooth well for folding the notched crimp onto itself. Comes in two sizes – regular (for crimps up to 3mm) and micro (for crimps smaller than 2mm).

3.Flat nose pliers

Similar to chain nose pliers, except that they have much wider jaws. Handy for making wrapped loops and can also be used to open and close jump rings. Use these pliers when you want to make sure you have a firm grip on your wire.

4.Flat round nose pliers

Have one jaw shaped like a round nose pliers and one jaw shaped like a chain nose pliers. Markings on the inside to allow for making consistently sized loops in your wire is essential to making jump rings for chain maille. Will leave minimal marks on your wire.

5. Round nose pliers

Have two round jaws, used to pinch wire and bend it into round shpes, from slight arcs to full looped circles..  Can leave marks in the metal wire where you grasp the wire in the jaws. For consistently sized loops, use a permanent black marker to mark the spot on the jaws where you need to hold the wire to make the desired size loop.

6.Wire straightening pliers

Have two thick, flat nylon jaws and are used for straightening any bends or kinks in your wire. Hold the wire in your non-dominant hand and grasp it with the pliers in your dominant hand. Pull the pliers along the wire several times until your wire comes out straight. You will get some indents in the jaws,  replace them periodically with new nylon jaws.